FAQ Banned Users

You try to upvote posts such as:

  • One picture, no text. (no source for image) with the exception of - original works by artists - paintings, photography with special effects etc.
  • One video (and not yours)
  • Posts without at least 2 paragraph texts.
  • Posts downvoted by @cheetah or @steemcleaners
  • Posts with deleted content i.e Image Deleted
Now all banned users from @buildawhale is added to @minnowhelper ban list as well.

First to be removed you should change your style, posts with one picture, video and one line of text are not compatible for upvotes. If you somehow start to produce good content contact us on Slack Chat to review your work and remove you from Blacklist. We check messages about once a day, so please just leave one message. If I haven't responded within 24 hours, feel free to leave another.

Check if your username is in http://www.minnowhelper.com/blacklist.txt

Your Bid will be donated to @minnowhelpercont to finance contests that promote creative and original authors.