Minnowhelper work on a bidding system. You can send any amount of SBD or STEEM above the minimum (0.010 SBD|STEEM) and once the bot account reaches 100% voting power it splits a 100% upvote between all of the bids based on each bid's % of the total amount bid during that period.

It takes 2.4 hours for voting power to return to 100% after a 100% upvote so each bidding period typically lasts roughly 2.4 hours.

Take the following example: With a 2.4 hour bidding period user A sends $1 to a voting bot and user B sends $3. The total bid is $4 so that means that user A will get a 25% upvote on their post and user B will get a 75% upvote. If the bot's 100% upvote is worth more than $4 then both user A and B will receive an upvote worth more than they have spent.

Please note that vote values are based on the current value of STEEM. As STEEM prices rise or fall the value of votes will too. Additionally 25% of the value of votes cast more than 30 minutes after a post has been made go to the curation rewards, so for a $0.75 payment you would need at least a $1.00 upvote to be profitable if you are taking curation rewards into account.

Yes, but only in the following cases:

  • An a bid below the minimum.(0.010 SBD|STEEM)
  • A publication older than 3 and half days
  • Invalid URL in the memo
  • Bids on Comments. (Bids in commentsare not allowed)
  • When the Bot already voted on this Post

    The bot can occasionally lose upvotes due high load or other some reason, don't worry your bid will be refund as long if you follow this rules:

  • After you place your bid, please wait at least 4 hours before contacting us about a missed vote.
  • This is the bot error, you send a "valid" bid and you not receive a upvote.
  • You send a bid but is not registered as "valid" or "invalid" bid ( Invalid bid are refunded automatically ).
  • You can contact us only leaving a message on Slack Chat. We check messages about once a day, so please just leave one message. If I haven't responded within 24 hours, feel free to leave another.

Occasionally there are more bids than the total value that the Bot can upvote for. The Bot carries out a 100% upvote that will be divided amog all bids.

To avoid this problem, see the status of the Bot in our Bottracker on the home page.

Bid-Based Voting Bots