How @minnowhelper works!!!

You send X amounts of STEEM or STEEMDOLLARS to @minnowhelper – whatever amount you want, it is completely up to you. What will happen next is when the timer runs out every 2.4 hours, it will upvote everyone in that time-window with a 100% upvote divided among the bidders and give a stake-based % on amounts received from you.

If you set the bot to vote at 100.00%, bids open every 2.4 hours. Alice and Bob both bid for in the same voting batch. If Alice bids 4 SBD and Bob bids 2 SBD, Alice will get a 66.66% upvote and Bob will get a 33.33% upvote.

Here’s how @minnowhelper works:

  1. Ensure the post you want to vote on has not paid out or is not within 24 hours of payout (posts cannot receive votes during this period that increase the reward).
  2. Copy the URL of the post or comment you want @minnowhelper to vote on
  3. Navigate to your Wallet
  4. Select Transfer under Steem osr Steemdollars
  5. Populate To field with “minnowhelper”
  6. Populate Amount field with “0.01” (STEEM)|(SBD)
  7. Paste URL into Memo field
  8. Submit